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Horse racing betting has captured the imagination of punters for years.

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Introductory guide to the sport of horse racing, with information on a day at the races, racehorses, jockeys and trainers, plus explanation on flat and jump racing.

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Welcome to the horse betting odds page here on When it comes to betting on horse racing and other forms of pari.

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In horse racing, you are betting alongside other people — the more people that bet on.

Jargon buster or glossary of commonly used words in horse racing and breeding.Understanding how handicapping works in horse racing is. and eventually find places where the odds are in our.Understand the difference between horse racing odds with our easy-to-read, in-depth guide.Horse racing odds are determined by the amount of money wagered on a particular horse.

Below is an odds-percentage conversion chart for typical odds in horse racing.Horse Racing Cracking The Horse Racing Code. another glorious side effect, but to predict horse races more accurately than the morning line odds,.Parlay betting is a popular form of sports wagering where bettors have two or more games at stake on the same bet.

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Fractional odds, also known as UK Odds are most often used in the United Kingdom and Ireland.

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Learn how to bet on horses with basic horse racing terms explained including win, place, and show.This is also why shorter odds are so important in horse racing markets.Odds are a numerical expression,. and also common in horse racing, fractional odds quote the net total that will be paid out to the bettor,.Having a basic knowledge of the terms listed here will help you with your horse betting.